Search on for man who cut out dog’s tongue

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20a42c27f5f94763a58e508aaf5aa8eeThe search is on in Phoenix to try to find the monster who cut out a dog’s tongue and left it to wander the streets. Surie Pillay found the dog that had to be put down just 2 days later. Neeri Naidoo, of Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment, said “There was still blood coming out. This dog was tortured,” Naidoo went on to say “We hope nothing but the same or even worse off life to the subhuman who did this to him. Now you are safe in the arms of your maker and in an eternity of nothing but the love you deserve.”

When found by Pillay the dog was just a skeleton and could not eat due to the missing tongue. 74267a83b0c04211818332bd4c21145e

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