Rescue Dog Saved from Backyard Sinkhole!

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20160356f187f1919cfOk this is like one of my worst nightmares come to life. So happy this dog was rescued! Local authorities helped to save a rescue dog from a sinkhole in a backyard in PALATINE, IL.

The Palatine Police Department was called on Tuesday where a homeowner said her 17-year-old rescue dog, Chance, had fallen into a sinkhole through a small opening in the grass in their backyard, according to a Palatine Police Department press release.

When officers arrived, they found Chance had become trapped in a much larger hole that had formed underneath the ground. Two officers, along with the homeowner’s 16 year-old son, got shovels and began immediate efforts to free the trapped dog. Chance was freed from the sinkhole without suffering any injuries, police said.

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