Madison County Animal Hospital takes in dogs rescued from puppy mill

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seniorHUNTSVILLE (KFSM) – Twenty-five dogs and puppies rescued from a puppy mill in Madison County on March 3 have been transferred to a local animal shelter.

The dogs were sent to shelters around the country, including Paws for Claws, and given a new life after they were saved from deplorable conditions.

After taking part in the rescue, Madison County Sheriff Phillip Morgan said he knew he had to help out in some way.

“I was there at the rescue and I saw this dog and I told them I`d like to have that dog.” said Morgan. “So they brought him back to me today.”

He adopted a three year old Bouvier des Flandres, which was one of nearly 300 dogs taken from the poor living environment.

Morgan said he’s confident a new home will be found for each and every rescued dog.

“I just hope they all find a good home, and I think they will,” said Morgan. “These people are trying hard to get them a good home, and I think they’ll find them a good home.”

Shonna Harvey, director of Paws for Claws Shelter, said it’s a heartwarming task to take these animals in and find a new place that will be their home.

“It`s very rewarding. We were very excited that they were coming back to Madison County,” said Harvey. “We were also part of the rescue last week and it`s very heartwarming and does our heart good just to see them again.”

The Animal League of Washington County is calling for stricter breeding laws and hopes the puppy mill bust will encourage people to contact their lawmakers and urge them to enact tougher legislation.

“If you can’t foster, can’t adopt, the No. 1¬†thing you can do is contact your legislators and voice your concerns about puppy mills and wanting regulations,” said Carmen Nelson, director of the Animal League of Washington County. “Because that’s were it all begins.”

One Arkansas state lawmaker has already called for tougher legislation after it failed the 2015 legislative session.

Harvey said volunteers will work with some of the pups over the next couple of days to get them ready for adoption.

Paws for Claws and Spay Arkansas will hold an adoption event on Saturday, March 19 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., where some of the dogs will be available to take home. To fill out a foster application.

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