Lost all 4 paws in the dog meat trade!

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Photo credit ARME

After two months in a veterinary clinic in Seoul, South Korea, a 2-year-old golden retriever mix named Chi Chi, who lost all four of her paws to severe abuse, has learned to walk with the aid of prosthetics.

She also has a new family, the Howells, who live in Phoenix, Arizona.

“She can run. She can walk,” 12-year-old Megan Howell, the family’s daughter, told the Associated Press. “She can pretty much do anything a real dog can do except go up the stairs.”

When Chi Chi was found by Animal Rescue, Media & Education her tendons and bones were visible.

Photo credit ARME

“We weren’t even sure she was going to live,” Shannon Keith, president ARME told The Dodo. “The infection in her legs was so horrific it had eaten away her legs and it [had spread] throughout her whole body.”

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