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If you are looking for a dog rescue hero, check out Greg Mahle and Rescue Road Trips, every 2nd week he makes trips from Ohio through the southern US to pick up dogs and bring them to their fur’ever homes up north. He takes his 12 wheel truck and with the support of his wife Adella leaves his home, traveling south. After numerous stops in Texas and all along the Gulf Coast  he now has a full load of dogs safely in his truck, often numbering 80 or more. All destined for homes in the north. And love.

The dogs are pulled from high kill shelters (often in the nick of time), rescues and other sites, and bios put online.  When someone from the north falls in love with them, it is up to Greg to take them to what he calls the “Gotcha days”. Where a dog meets their forever family and happy tears are all over.  Greg is often greeted (or the dogs are greeted) with welcome home signs and great fanfare. Along the way Greg sleeps with the dogs, during the 5 day trip. An army of volunteers are on hand at multiple stops to make sure the dogs are ok, get walked and lots of love and cuddles. And pooper scooping.

While Greg charges $185 a dog, considering expenses of gas, insurance, maintenance,  pay for another driver and more Greg is often taking a loss even with a full load.  When fuel alone can be over $7000 a month.  But he knows it is not about the money as he says,

 “I survey the panorama of people with their new dogs and think, I’ve never seen so many happy people. They’re all having the same experience and you can believe the world is a better place.”
If you are looking for a dog rescue hero check out Greg Mahle his book Rescue Road is now on Amazon. Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.45.33 AM
all photos courtesy of Modern Dog.
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