Eyeless rescue finds a new home!

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Arizona Humane Society

Two-year-old Ashton was found in bad shape after he had collapsed from exhaustion and both his eyes were popping out of their sockets. He was rushed to the Arizona Humane Society for treatment where he underwent surgery to remove his eyes.

According to the Daily Mail, Ashton had to go through extensive training to try and adjust to his new life as a blind dog.

“He likes to jump to find people so we’re teaching him ultimate behavior to follow me,” dog training specialist Mik Moller said. “We do a lot of luring with food in the beginning and teaching him to find food on the ground to use his nose.”

Arizona Humane Society

Ashton quickly became a favorite at the Arizona Humane Society, learning tricks and enjoying belly rubs on a daily basis. After making a full recovery, Ashton was put up for adoption and less than a day later, a loving family stepped forward to give him a brand new home.

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