Alquitrán had a guardian angel

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tarpitA father and son were driving near a tarpit in Chile when they thought they saw something moving.In this area of Chile tar pits are naturally occurring. After stopping the car and getting out to take a look they were horrified by what they saw. tarpit3Left to die in the tar was a dog. Great care was taken to free the dog they think was abandoned and left to die. Once they got her out of the tar they saw she had given up fighting and was just exhausted. It is not known how long she had been there but she did not have much longer left.
The father and son cleaned her up as best they could before taking her to the vet for proper care and a bath. Staff there named her Alquitrán Spanish for tar. After one bath the difference was amazing, they were able to get most of the tar off and with more baths and medication and all important love, the rest came right off. She was given meds for dehydration, exhaustion and infection but is expected to make a full recovery.
After all their hard work clinic staff were even able to find her a forever home where she is now getting the love and attention she deserves.

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